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Mesa Carvin Marshalls
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Lead, rhythm, and bass guitar oriented studio environment providing high end support systems to provide exceptional studio and ‘live’ quality tone with dedicated effects processing and sonic tailoring to match any style, tone, and sonic presence a performer will need or desire. Amplification utilizes state of the art vacuum tube technology in both pre-amp and final stages of Mesa Boogie stereo amplifiers played through two (2) full Marshall stack cabinets if so desired, as well as, a classic Fender Twin Reverb. Bass rig uses Fender BXR solid state technology coupled with an auxiliary vacuum tube ‘line level’ preamplifier which adds the warm powerful punch associated with high wattage tube bass amps. Enclosures are custom Fender reflecting cabinets situated with JBL 15” drivers and Carvin RL210T with HF driver to provide an awesome low end to any musical performance. Keyboard support includes a Korg M-1 and 01, classic Fender Rhodes, Roland JV-880 and other sound modules, SR-16, Boss DR-5, and other drum machines, as well as, access to a wide array of high-end keyboards, modules, and controllers.


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